So, this is where we begin.

And by “we,” I’m not using the royal reference, but instead do so to include you. I have no interest in this blog’s being an exercise in narcissism or monologue, so I entreat those who find their way here to engage in debate, and make good use of the comments section.

I’ve been wanting to start up a blog like this for ages, and ended up finally doing so in a bit of a rush, late in the week.** In other words, in complete contradiction to my title here, I have nothing erudite or detailed to offer yet (but I will, eventually). I thought I might as well dip a toe in the water, however, so I happily welcome all to the new digs.

To quote the not-so-erudite Terminator: I’ll be back.

**Honestly, I was more or less embarassed into starting this blog (at long last). I recently began a more income-oriented blog-cum-full-blown-website, Budget Girl. Whenever I started to tell someone I’d started my own site, the response was invariably along the lines of “Oooh, what’s it on? Politics? Literature?” So in addition to my little cash-oriented endeavor, I figured I’d better get busy meeting expectations and write something a little more substantive–and a lot closer to my heart (and mind).


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