robin3Hi.  I’m Robin.

Welcome to my little blog. On an utterly irregular schedule, I’ll expound upon everything from politics to literature to music to simply things that make me think. Lively debate is good for the mind, so I welcome any and all comments here.

Me? I’m a slightly overeducated, definitely underutilized (in my field of study, anyway) lit freak and lover of politics and music, toiling away in the legal field. My two areas of concentration are Shakespeare and Sam Shepard–a nice set of bookends for western literature (not counting the beloved-by-me antiquity authors, that is). I tend to over-parenthesize; I shall strive to do better here. In a previous life, I’ve been a newspaper reporter and editor, a disc jockey, and a college instructor. I am fascinated by politics, music, quantum physics, Oxford commas, and photography, and seek refuge in good books.


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